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L.A. van Schie

Paul, Wes and Rick van Schie together form the company L.A. van Schie. Since the mid-eighties they have been growing tomatoes in the Westland area of the Netherlands. Their speciality is the growing of loose tomatoes for the English market. When it comes to food safety UK retailers have very strict guidelines and requirements. These guidelines and requirements were extensively taken into account during the expansion of the cultivation area and the building of the new sorting/packing hall in 2004.

We are member of Growers Association Oxin Growers U.A. Sales are made by growers association Oxin Growers. For more information you can always contact Oxin Growers U.A.


2003 Formation of Tomselect

 With the expansion of the cultivation areal to approximately 18 acres in 2003 the decision was taken to also build a new sorting/packing hall to comply with the standards and requirements of our customers and British retailers. During this process we were approached by the Greenery to know if we would take over their central tomato sorting project. The location then in use by the Greenery was no longer up to the required standards. Tomselect was formed and together with the growers from this project, in the 2004 season, production began from the current location. As of January 1st 2013, Tomselect, together with all its growers have joined forces with the growers co-operation Best of Four.