Tomselect Growers


All growers supplying Tomselect are located in the Westland area. They have all many years experience in the growing of the best quality tomatoes. Because all growers are located in the vicinity of Tomselect the time between harvesting and packing is kept to a minimum, it also means changes, e.g. harvesting schedule, can be quickly made if necessary, in order to cope with a change in demand for example. The growers give a weekly prognosis of the expected harvest. Using these projections the sales team go to work. All growers are members of the growers co-operation Best of Four.

Paul van Schie
Hooghe Beer 16
2295 MX  Kwintsheul
Mobiel: 06-10205405

Cock van Schie
Hoenderparklaan 144
2295 NH  Kwintsheul
Mobiel: 06-23687313

Rob Barendse
Van Ruyvenlaan 25 a
2685 LE  Poeldijk

Arjan Storm
Monsterseweg 2 a
2553 RL  's-Gravenhage