Tomaat Tomaat


Tomselect specializes, since 2004, in the sorting, grading and packing of loose tomatoes. The van Schie brothers have been growers of loose tomatoes since the mid-eighties. With the expansion of the cultivation areal in 2004, the company also invested in the building of a new packing/sorting hall complete with new machines. The extra capacity of the new hall and machines enabled the company to sort and pack tomatoes from other growers, to this end a separate company ‘Tomselect’ was formed.

Each day Tomselect sorts and packs loose tomatoes for six growers from the Westland area with a combined cultivation area of approximately 34 acres. Because of this Tomselect has the capability to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Flexibility is the spearhead of Tomselect, the right tomato for the right customer, at the right time and in the packaging that the customer wants.


As of 28/03/2013 Tomselect has been granted an exploration license to drill for geothermal energy. In the spring of 2013 the company Nature’s Heat was formed. Nature’s Heat is a collaboration between Tomselect and T & E van Ruijven, together they hope to make it possible that around mid-2014 drilling will begin and if everything goes according to plan in 2015 the greenhouses of L. A. van Schie will be heated using geothermal heat.

Flourish with flexibility