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Each day there is a fresh supply of tomatoes delivered to Tomselect. Upon arrival the first quality control takes place. During this inspection specific customer requirements are taken into account. This is to allow for the produce to be sorted, graded and packed as efficiently as possible.


During the sorting and packing process everything possible is done to minimize the possibility of causing damage to the tomatoes. The full harvest crates are gently overturned onto a conveyer belt, which then feeds the assembly line where the workers check the tomatoes. Tomatoes that are damaged or are not up to standard are removed at this point. After this the tomatoes pass through the sorting machine which weight’s and photographs each individual tomato in order to determine the size and colour grading. This determines the packaging the tomato gets. The boxes are automatically filled and weighed to six kilo’s. When a customer requires a different packaging or weight content this is also possible.After sorting the boxes are automatically placed onto a pallet and made ready for transportation.The customer thus receives a fresh product which is also fully traceable.





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