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Food Safety


The customer comes first, not only the direct customer, but also the final customer who buys and eats tomatoes. To this end food safety is a matter of course in Tomselect company policy. Tomselect meets all requirements in order to guarantee food safety. All growers supplying Tomselect grow tomatoes conform Global GAP protocol. The Tomselect sorting/packing hall is certified for BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard). With all certificates producers are judged on the set requirements in terms of hygiene, quality and food safety.



The quality of the tomatoes delivered to Tomselect is checked several times during the sorting, grading and packing process. Upon entering, but also during and after sorting. This takes into account the different specifications per customer. In this way each customer receives the desired tomatoes.



The sorting and packing of tomatoes requires a lot of electricity. At Tomselect all electricity requirements are met using an onsite CHP (combined heat and power) generator. A CHP is a gas turbine generator which through the combustion of natural gas produces electricity. The by-products of this process, heat and CO2 are used in the adjacent greenhouse for heating and to help the plants grow. Excess electricity is sold back to the national grid. This means that a CHP generator has a much higher efficiency rate, almost 95%, than a normal electricity generating station.